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    Colma Cremation and Funeral Services offers a variety of affordable funeral and cremation packages.

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  • Healthy Grief Support

    Grief is a process - a healthy, normal one. Let us support you as you navigate that process.

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  • Green Burials

    Natural burial - make your “last act” one that the conserves natural resources and minimizes environmental impact.

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What do we mean by "Healthy Grief?"

Most people realize that death is a part of life and that grieving loss is normal, but we often don’t know much about grief itself. When a loved one has passed, the survivors may experience both a reaction to the current loss plus a resurgence of issues from an unresolved loss in the past. This one-two punch—sometimes called “complicated” grief—can make the bereavement process particularly difficult to navigate.

At Colma Cremation and Funeral Services, we’re dedicated to providing Healthy Grief Support for survivors of loss. That means we guide you through the bereavement process, help you to understand how grief works, and share what we know about the importance of self-care for people recovering from loss.

We have 30 years of expertise providing Healthy Grief Support as an integral part of funeral practice. With our support, grieving can be more complete, healthier, and more positive