• About Us

    We founded Colma Cremation & Funeral Services in 1985 to provide families with affordable solutions for funerals and cremation.

About Us

Our vision? Create a company that cares and is sensitive to the increasing costs of funeral services, a company built on a solid foundation of professional experience and expertise. To forward this mission, Colma Cremation & Funeral Services specializes in healthy grief support.

What makes us unique?

How many funeral homes do you know that...

  • have a strong focus on healthy grief support as Nationally Certified Bereavement Facilitators? 
  • offer affordable prices on service, caskets and urns?
  • offer Green products and home funerals?
  • provide viewing and visitation without requiring embalming?

Colma Cremation is truly one of a kind.

Our location

Colma, California is a small town just south of San Francisco. Founded in 1924, it’s home to 17 cemeteries, and has long served as a final resting place for the Bay Area’s departed. The tranquil town provides the perfect setting for Colma Cremation & Funeral Services and gives us unique access to a diverse network of professionals with whom we work to create personalized and affordable solutions for you.

Minutes from California’s cultural heart, Colma Cremation & Funeral Services is ideally located in Colma and in Belmont to serve clients on the Peninsula, and throughout the Bay Area, the Central Valley, the Sierra Nevada—and beyond.