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Desireé L. Samora

Arrangement Counselor

A native of San Bruno, Desireé began her career in funeral practice in 2010, becoming an associate funeral director and a state-certified arrangement counselor in 2011.

As associate funeral director, she works closely with a variety of professional service providers, including physicians, hospitals, county health care providers, hospices, coroners, and medical examiners.

Desireé also coordinates with willed body donation national programs, social service administrators and public and private conservator program advisors to facilitate the services necessary for completing documentation required by State and County Health Departments. This is critical to ensure that cremations and burials are completed in a timely manner.


  • California Funeral Directors Association
  • American Academy of Bereavement
  • Cremation Association of North America

Certifications and Licenses

  • State-Certified Arrangement Counselor
  • State-Certified EDRS Specialist


  • Assistant Director of EDRS (Electronic Death Registry System) Administration