Partnering with Professionals

At Colma Cremation, we acknowledge other care-giving professionals as partners and colleagues, and endeavor to assist them in any way we can.

Are you struggling to help client families understand their options, or deal with a sudden, unexpected loss? We know how challenging it can be to add these issues to your other responsibilities—and we can help.

Whether you need information, guidance, or a referral, feel free to call us. We’ll share our insights on grief management, funeral arrangements, and cremation, and provide appropriate recommendations (even to providers other than Colma Cremation) because we believe that supporting professional colleagues is simply good business.

We work closely with professionals at both public and private agencies and organizations, including...

  • Hospices
  • Retirement residences and nursing homes
  • Family service agencies, home health agencies, and home nurses
  • Conservators, public guardians, and public administrators
  • Those who provide services specifically for people who are disabled, elderly, or ill.

In-Service Programming

To facilitate your ability to help your clients, Colma Cremation offers the following in-service presentation to our professional partners. Topics include:

  • 6 Feet Above: Everything You Wanted to Know Before You Go Under.
  • Embalming Versus No Embalming: The Pros and Cons.
  • Pre-Need - Cremation / Burial: A Cost Comparison.
  • How Arrangements Are Made.
  • And much more!