July, 2016

You downloaded Pokémon Go and you’re ready to “catch ‘em all”. The question is- where are the best spots to find unique Pokémon and battle other trainers?

There are plenty of prime game spots in major downtown areas that are filled with landmarks. But many of these spots can be busy and crowded, and the competition can be stiff. On the other hand, you’ll be surprised to see that your local cemetery has plenty of Pokéstops and gyms for you to explore.  There are 17 cemeteries in Colma...

Is there a more painful experience than losing a child? Parents who've lived this heartbreak know the answer to that question. In honor of Bereaved Parents Awareness Month, we offer you some support and guidance to those who've lost a child, with resources that help parents face the grief of this unique hurt with heart and hope.

4 Steps for Handling the Heartbreak of a Child's Death

Find help; wait for healing. When a child dies, usually both a mother and a...

Advance Planning Trust - $100 down - Monthly payments with no interest.  It's easy, safe and documented.  These arrangements state your wishes, help those who survive and saves money.  Please call 650.757.1300 for more information.