A Little Less Joy, A Little Less Laughter

Albert J. Lewis was born to Elvina Broussard and Paul ‘Ben’ Lewis in Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 26, 1936. The family moved from Louisiana to California in 1947. As a child, Al’s gift for music was already evident, playing accordion for family functions as early as age 12.

Planting Joy in A Season of Sorrow

Go outside and plant, a wise voice in me said. You need flowers.

She Lived a Colorful Life. And We Will Miss Her.

Jane Fox


She lived a colorful life. And we will miss her.

Our dear friend Jane liked to keep it simple in life, and she made it clear to all of us that she intended to go out the same way. No fuss, no funeral, no casket, no traditional burial. 

We Are Not Alone: A Community Ritual of Remembrance

I arrive at the Unitarian Fellowship in Big Flats, NY a little early on Sunday morning. I need spaciousness and inner quiet to set up and lead a Ritual of Remembrance for this community. This is my second visit as their guest service leader.

A Mother’s Lament: “I Loved Him with All My Heart”

My mother-in-law Virginia was present during every conversation the last few weeks. She was alert when the public health nurse evaluated her condition and approved the application for skilled nursing care.

Rare Disease Day 2018

Today is Rare Disease Day. Our sweet Magglio lives with Pompe Disease, a rare and brutal genetic disease that affects his ability to move, breathe, eat and talk. Despite this disease, and maybe because of it too, Magglio is full of courage, strength and heart.

How to Save the Earth by Dying


Despite reports of his death, this Vietnam veteran lived

David R. Hardcastle (1946-2015)

Tomb-Sweeping Day

We are so fortunate to live in the Bay Area where there are so many different cultures and customs.  And Colma Cremation and Funeral Services is so fortunate to be located in the midst of 17 cemeteries to be a part of all these differenct cultures and rituals.

We Love Someone Rare

Today, February 28th, is International Rare Disease Day! Today, thousands of people from all over the world come together to advocate for more research on rare diseases.