Despite reports of his death, this Vietnam veteran lived

David R. Hardcastle (1946-2015)

"I feel my story, which is one of thousands of veteran stories, isn't all that important except for maybe it will reach one veteran who will understand and be comforted by what I say," David Hardcastle said in an April, 2014 interview with Pacifica Tribune writer Jean Bartlett.

David was in his words, "blown up" on July 31, 1967, when his troop's Second Lieutenant got his foot caught in what he thought was a vine. David, who arrived in Vietnam with the 9th Infantry Division, December of 1966, recalled the day that would change his life forever.

"It was a trip wire and it went off. It was a big Chinese mine and it hit 5 people. The Lieutenant was saved by the tree, the other three guys were pretty much okay – but I was blown up."  Written by Jean Bartlett, February, 2017 (This is a synopsis)


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