I Remember Mama

"But first and foremost, I remember Mama” - the concluding lines of “Mama’s Bank Account” the lovely story about a Norwegian family in San Francisco in the early 1900s. For those of us whose mothers are gone, we too will always remember Mama. This Sunday as we celebrate Mother’s Day we can celebrate our memories of our Mothers.  Tell stories, wear her favorite color or a piece of her jewelry, frame a favorite picture of her and give them as gifts to your children –bake her favorite pie or make her favorite recipe. Keep her memory alive not only through stories, but also by making a contribution to a favorite charity, donating books to the library in her name or planting a tree. These remembrances keep her spirit alive and with loved one always. When we lose our mothers, we lose much that can’t be replaced. But -  we are also left with much to cherish - memories, her strengths, her wisdom and hopefully an example that can inspire us to offer nurturing love to those who remain in our lives.

Note: Kathryn Anderson McLean wrote under the name of Kathryn Forbes and is the author of "Mama's Bank Account".  She passed away in 1966 and is buried at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Colma.