It's Great To Be Alive in Colma

"It's Great To Be Alive in Colma" is the town of Colma's official slogan created by Reno Tiani of Colma in 1983.  The Town of Colma, known worldwide as the "City of Souls" is the smallest city in San Mateo County with over 1,400 residents and 1.5 million "souls."  We are so fortunate to be located in the hisotric town of Colma - home of 16 cemeteries, numerous monument dealers, florist shops and Malloy's Tavern.  We are in good company with the likes of Joe DiMaggio at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Wyatt Earp at Hills of Eternity Memorial Park, Charles DeYoung, William Henry Crocker, Abigail Folger, Bill Graham and that most eccentric of San Francisco characters, Emperor Norton.  And no cemetery city would be complete without a pet cemetery - Pet's Rest.  In honor of Colma's 90th birthday this year, we are giving away "It's Great To Be Alive in Colma" bumper stickers.  Stop by to pick one up, email or call us and we will be happy to mail one to you.  Happy 90th Birthday Colma!!!!!