She Lived a Colorful Life. And We Will Miss Her.

Jane Fox


She lived a colorful life. And we will miss her.

Our dear friend Jane liked to keep it simple in life, and she made it clear to all of us that she intended to go out the same way. No fuss, no funeral, no casket, no traditional burial. 

With her typical humor she wondered if she could simply be buried in her friend’s garden - which eventually led to a discussion about green burial options. The idea appealed to Jane-a simple return to the earth that would have minimal impact on it. But local providers of green burial were few and cost prohibitive.

Then we found Purissima - a newly-opened green burial site in Half Moon Bay. It was perfect-a beautiful, wild old cemetery with 19th century gravestones, cypress trees dripping in moss and proximity to the Pacific ocean Jane so loved to visit whenever possible. Purissima was much more affordable than the other local green burial option, which was very important to Jane. It was a comfort to her and to all of us to know that her desire for simplicity would be a reality.

Colma Cremation and Purissima worked together to ensure the process was smooth and stress-free. When we arrived at Purissima, beautiful cut greenery and flowers were arranged at the burial site. We were able to actively participate in the intimate process of laying our dear friend to rest, and that was a great comfort to all of us. We placed the cut flowers and a simple stone marker on the grave and scattered native wildflower seeds on top. The experience exceeded our expectations in every possible way. It was perfect.

Jane’s friends will no doubt visit Purissima in the future, not only to visit Jane’s grave but to take in the ocean view and walk the trails throughout the property, knowing that our dear friend rests in the peace of nature in this beautiful place.

Colma Cremation and Funeral Services offers Green Burials and has been working with the new Green Cemetery – Purissima Cemetery in Half Moon Bay.  For more information regarding green burial, please contact Colma Cremation at 650.757.1300 or Purissima Cemetery 609-628-2297 .

Blog and photos used with permission.