A Will For the Woods

Please join CEO, Joe Stinson and staff  on Sunday, February 9th at 4:45pm at the SF Indie Film Fest for the screening of "A Will for the Woods" at the Roxie, 3117 16th Street at Valencia, SF CA followed by by Q&As with filmmakers and one of the film's subjects.  About the film:  The green burial movement combines the consecration and mourning of the dead with a desire to correct centuries of pollution and exploitation of the environment through the creation of non-toxic, natural burials that also conserve wilderness.

Drawing the viewer into an intimate but never macabre experience of death, A Will for the Woods centers on Clark Wang, a psychiatrist, classical musician and folk dancer who has been diagnosed with terminal lymphoma.  Facing his own mortality, he opts for a "green" burial over what he believes are toxic, wasteful modern funeral arrangements engineered to preserve the body at the ecosystem's expense.  In this touching story of a charismatic, ebullient advocate's final days, environmentalism takes on a deeply human intimacy as the film follows Clark's efforts to leave a loving, permanent legacy for family, friends and nature.

Capturing the genesis of a revolutionary social and environmental movement, this film is an affecting and optimistic portrait of people coming to terms with mortality by embracing their connection to timeless natural cycles. (Chris Metzler)

There will be a second screening on Monday, February 10th at 7pm.  For tickets:  http://prod3.agileticketing.net/websales/pages/info.aspx?evtinfo=71536%7E50c99741-ceec-4bfa-94b4-b7d919a3c410&epguid=5396476d-926a-4262-9cd5-690d83749ab9&