Good Grief Radio

De-Griefing with Lyn Prashant, Certified Grief Counselor

Listen to Joe Stinson and Lyn Prashant discuss "De-Griefing".  Lyn will explain  the somatic process of loss and how the body reacts to grief?  Lyn and Joe will talk about the techniques to heal from grieving and the new-age ways to treat the body during grieving?  They will also answer questions - What is the best part of our body to trust as a friend?  How can one prepare for inevitable loss?  What is the value of reaching for help?  How is loss like mental illness that eventually effects the body?  

Communicating about Death

Join Joe Stinson as he talks with Linda Sedal, Hospice Chaplain and Bereavement Services Coordinator about communicating with those that are dying and those that are grieving.

Psychology of Grief

Join Joe as he and his guests Debra Adidas, RN Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Lucy Mills, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Hypnotherapist.take an in-depth look on grieving and how it relates within the psychological range of various kinds of mental illness.  We explore the difference between normal and abnormal grief and the signs that define each.  How do children see grief or separation?  Who needs a counselor?  What kinds of roles are there from friendship, family, to the workplace?  How do they change?  Can anyone be saved from grief?