Pet Loss

While we do not handle pet cremation at Colma Cremation and Funeral Services, we’re aware that the loss of a pet can be liking losing a family member, and may even trigger feelings from other recent loses. Moira Anderson Allen, M.Ed. from the Pet Loss Support Page has kindly allowed us to offer her article, Ten Tips on Coping with Pet Loss. Also send for our free Healthy Grief pamphlet, "Healing After Pet Loss."

The Rainbow Bridge is a grief support community for those recovering from the loss of a pet and a wonderful place to connect with others who are going through the same grief process. Rainbow Bridge sponsors a Monday Night Candle Ceremony. On Monday evenings all across the globe, people light candles in memory of their pets. It’s a healing ritual that requires no adherence to a specific religion or creed. While there is an on-line version of the ceremony in the Rainbow Bridge chat room every Monday, the ceremony does not have to be performed on-line—each of us can light candles privately, in our way. Many choose to light them at the same time each Monday (see sidebar).

Final Rest Options

Pet’s Rest Cemetery and Crematory in Colma provides cremation and burial services for your pet; you can reach them at 650.755.2201. 
Many veterinarian offices also provide cremation services.

How Colma Cremation can help

We offer Pet Urns made of hardwoods, bronze, stainless steel cloisonné, and marble that can be personalized with names and dates.  Click here to visit our urns store. We also carry urns that are hand-etched lead crystal and bio-degradable urns for natural (Green) burial or scattering.

We can also provide support and suggestions for planning rituals and gatherings, helping you include everyone as an active part of your pet’s service.