Additional Services Offered by Colma Cremation & Funeral Services

Memorial Tree

As an ongoing part of our mission at Colma Cremation, we plant a tree through the Arbor Day Foundation for every deceased person that we care for. There is no charge for this; it’s our way to honor your loved one with an enduring monument planted in their memory in a National Forest, a silent sentinel to the departed for decades to come.

Arrangement meetings in your home

It can sometimes be more comfortable for you to complete arrangements and discuss the care of your loved one in your own home surrounded by family or close friends. We can arrange time to meet with you in your home.

Grief-Based Practice

At Colma, we provide free Healthy Grief Support for each individual in your family group. This unique support includes children, adults, and those considered family.

Certified Copies of Original Death Certificates

Our check list [link to same on Forms page] will help you identify how many Certified Death Certificates you will need.

Obituary Notices

We can provide you with a framework for preparing obituary notices, and will place all obituary notices for you at no additional fee.

Service Planning Support

Need support in developing ideas for formal or informal service or gathering? We can help!