Package C - Witness Cremation With Chapel Service

Eco-Friendly Service
Services are scheduled in crematory chapel followed by witness cremation. Cremated remains are usually ready the following day for final disposition (place in cemetery, scattering at sea or return residence.) These services can include viewing, visitation and a formal service. They can also consist of just visitation with or without viewing. We will explain details and help you with questions.
Package Includes: Cost Itemization

Professional Services of funeral director and staff
(including Healthy Grief Support for children and adults)


No Embalming preparation of our loved one


State of California Required Refrigeration


Staffing for crematory chapel


Transfer of remains from local place of death to mortuary


Funeral Coach (Hearse)


Total Fees


Crematory and Cemetery Fees Vary and are not Included
Includes Minimum Cardboard Container required by Crematory
Affordable caskets start at $625
Includes Minimum Plastic Urn
Affordable urns start at $75

Package is provided for clients who purchase their alternative container/casket from Colma Cremation & Funeral Services
The total itemized value of this package is $2970.
This is a discounted package and no adjustments are made for items not used.

Service Details:

With Your Permission we transfer your loved one to our care.

Scheduling Time to Discuss your questions, listen to your decisions, explain procedures and cost. Explain, complete and provide copies of all documents and discuss scheduling. We provide support and explanation of Healthy Grief for children and adults.

Complete Vital Records Death Certificates are required. To complete this document, Vital Data Information about your loved one is provided by you. The Attending Physician, Coroner or Medical Examiner provides the Medical Information. This document is filed with the County of Death Health Department who then issues the Death Certificate and Permit required by the Crematory. This process can take a few days to complete. We always keep you informed as we progress. Certified Copies of the Death Certificate are mailed to us within 10 business working days. You may then pick them up or they can be mailed to you.

Scheduling Services We schedule Witness Cremation Services according to your wishes and availability of the cemetery chapel and crematory.

Cremated Remains are Returned from the Crematory within 2 days in a plastic urn containing all documentation and identification. We notify you as soon as we obtain possession of the Cremated Remains.

Crematories - Prices vary between crematories. During our scheduled time to discuss Cremation we will choose a Crematory that best fits your requests.

Urns are a Choice and are not required. Urns are chosen based on Final Place of Disposition. Final Place of Disposition is where your loved ones Cremated Remains will be placed after Cremation - either in a Cemetery, to Residence or Scattering at Sea. Urns are made of lead crystal, hand blown glass, marble, cloisonné, copper, bronze, wood and biodegradable materials. Prices begin at $75 for adult urns.

Other Possible Additional Fees:

Second Staff Member 
May be required for transportation from place of death
Add $160.00

Pacemaker Surgical Removal and Disposition
Add $160.00

Witness Cremation Fees vary. Olivet Memorial Park and Woodlawn Cemetery, both in Colma, provide these services and their fees are in addition to Colma Cremation & Funeral Service fees. We will explain these choices and specific fees.

We are available to direct Memorial Services in churches or other venues. 
We provide information and help design service structure that provides a time and place for healing, sharing and feeling the importance of everyone’s presence. 
Add $250.00 Professional Fee

Certified Copy of a Death Certificate 
Add $21 and up per each copy depending on county of death 
We will help you determine how many you will need. 
Additional copies can always be ordered at a later date.