Planning In Advance

Advance Planning

Working with California Master Trust, Colma Cremation & Funeral Services is able to offer comprehensive preplanning options. We’re proud of the preplanning services we offer and are committed to making this process as simple and affordable as possible.

What Is Advance Funeral Planning?

Planning ahead for your funeral might seem daunting, but pre-planning represents a decision that is both responsible and considerate. Advance planning provides critical information and answers important questions to which survivors may not be familiar. It also ensures that your final wishes will be respected.

Through advance planning, your family can be assured that the arrangements correspond to your wishes, and are an extension of your life. It also relieves survivors of the burden of making arrangements at a time when they will be at their most fragile. With all arrangements in place, your loved ones can reflect upon their memories without the stress of last-minute funeral arrangements.

Preplanning affords you peace of mind now—and guarantees your family’s peace of mind in the future.

How Does It Work?

Before there is an actual need, you—by yourself or with members of your family—make all necessary decisions and arrangements for your funeral, including casket selection, type of funeral or memorial service, place of disposition. All services are paid for, with the monies placed in a funeral trust against the time when they are actually needed.

What is a Funeral Trust?

A Funeral Trust is a legal agreement between you and Colma Cremation and Funeral Services in which money is deposited to pay for funeral expenses before needed. A pre-paid Funeral Trust is a legal document.

All funeral trusts are invested according to state statute in a legally authorized banking institution. The funds remain in the custody of the bank until they are needed to pay for arrangements you have made.

What Is the California Master Trust?

The California Master Trust (CMT) is the oldest pre-need master trust program in the State of California. It was established in 1985 by the California Funeral Directors Association to help families fund funeral arrangements in advance.

A Master Trust is created to safeguard monies for future use by pooling funds to obtain greater leverage and rates of return that aren’t normally available to regular investors. Regulated by the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, the CPT is audited annually by a certified public accounting firm. The CMT is in full compliance with California state law and is governed by the FDSC Board of Directors (with the assistance of professional investment managers), record keepers, and a federally-insured national bank trustee.

A pre-paid CMT Funeral Trust is an excellent method to pre-pay funeral expenses:

  • Your Funeral Trust is flexible. You may revoke, alter or amend your trust, whenever or however you choose (unless you have an established Irrevocable Trust).
  • Funeral Trusts can be made on behalf of another person, such as a dependent, relative, or friends.
  • A properly established trust is allowed under the Federal Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid guidelines to shield funds from being used as an accountable resource.
  • A CMT Funeral Trust may be established before or after going on state assistance to insure money will be available for funeral expenses.
  • The Trust has no health requirement or age limits.
  • With the Trust, you set aside funds based on the actual funeral cost.
  • Flexible payment options including automatic withdrawal from your checking account.

Can the Trust Meet SSI/MediCal Eligibility Requirements?

Yes, the California Master Trust can easily be established or converted to meet SSI/MediCal eligibility requirements. An irrevocable trust is selected by many participants to qualify for public assistance.

Travel Protection Plan

The World Wide Travel Protection Plan option covers costs when death occurs more than 75 miles away from home. Ask about adding this optional plan, which covers unexpected transport, foreign, and out-of-state fees and provides assistance with paperwork.

Have More Questions?

Request a free Family Record Guide, which can guide you through the preplanning process. It includes checklists for important documents, insurance, funeral, cremation and burial options. Call (650) 757-1300 or simply request your Family Record Guide.