• When Death Occurs

    It’s always hard to lose a person you care about and when you’re faced with a loss, it can help to have someone there to watch out for you.

When Death Occurs

That’s our role. At Colma Cremation and Funeral Services, it’s our mission to serve those who experience loss with kindness and respect, helping you heal without getting in your way. These simple guidelines offer a starting point for coping with both the practical and the emotional challenges that sometimes arise when death occurs.

What to Do When Death Occurs at Home

  • Contact your physician or hospice nurse.
  • If there is no attending physician or hospice nurse available, call 911, Police and or Emergency Services will respond and advise.

What to Do When Death Occurs in a Hospital or Nursing Home

  • Hospitals advise families on procedures when death occurs or is near. They are there to listen, answer any questions you may have, and help you prepare for your call to your chosen Funeral Service Provider.
  • Nursing Homes need to know whether you want to be called when death occurs (if you are not present at the time). They will advise you of their procedures when a death occurs.