The following forms are provided for your convenience—click on the title to open the form.  Note that some forms are required for the arrangement process. 

(Required) This is required for advanced planning and at-need services. We will assist in making any corrections during the arrangement conference.

(Required) This form gives permission to have your loved one transferred from the place of death to Colma Cremation & Funeral Services.

(Required) This form affirms that you are the legal next of kin, an agent for advance directives, or a public administrator and have the legal right to authorize disposition of the body.

Note: Colma Cremation & Funeral Services does not offer embalming. 

  • Embalming is not required by law in the state of California.
  • Refrigeration is required within 24 hours of death.
  • You can have a viewing without embalming.

(Required) This form provides choices for disposition of cremated remains. There are 3 choices

  • Take them home.
  • Place in a cemetery.
  • Scatter at sea.

(Required) This form declares that the patient does or does not have a pacemaker. If cremation is chosen, the pacemaker must be surgically removed by the funeral home prior to cremation.

(Required) This form informs you that prepaid funeral or cremation services exist and that we have the original records.

(Required) Most cremations at Colma Cremation & Funeral Services are performed at Irvington Memorial Crematory. 


  • This form must be completed in BLUE INK ONLY.
  • The original be returned to Colma Cremation & Funeral Service by mail.

This form answers questions regarding Death Certificates and helps you to determine how many you may need.