Making Arrangements

Preparing for an Arrangement Conference

Before attending an Arrangement Conference, you’ll need to collect information about your loved one. You also may have questions you want to ask—take a few moments to prepare for the conference and organize your thoughts.

Be sure to write down any ideas and questions and bring them with you when you meet with us.

What You’ll Need

Collect the following items and information regarding the deceased and bring them to the Arrangement Conference:

  • Social Security Number
  • Parents’ names (including maiden name), and state or country of birth
  • Job Description (even if retired)
  • Military Discharge Papers (if applicable)
  • Obituary Notice information
  • Loved one’s burial clothing and photo
  • Deceased’s residence address, and number of years living in the county of residence.

Also be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Choice of final resting place (cemetery, scattering, or residence)?
  • (If cremation) Will you want to witness the cremation?
  • Are you the legal next of kin, or can you provide a durable power of attorney?